NUT Find 3 Smart Anti-Loss Device


You'll never lose your keys or your wallet again!

This anti-loss Bluetooth device is your best bet for a fast lifestyle. Slip it into your wallet or tie it to your camera to keep your most valued possessions close to you. The tracker is connected via Bluetooth and alerts you if you're too far away from it.

1. Smart Anti-Loss: Leaving your wallet behind in the cafe? Nut app will remind you in time when you set in anti-loss mode. You can always set silent zone for home and work and silent duration at night.

2. Phone Alert: If your phone is too far from you, the device will make a sound to alert you.

3. One-Touch Find: Mornings are a hassle, running around looking for the car keys. But with Nut Find, you can find your keys with the press of a button.

4. Find Your Phone: You don't need to ask a friend to ring your phone. With this multi-purpose device, you can stop looking between the sofa and just use the tracker's app.

5. Lost & Found Network: Get help from fellow device users to help track down your lost items.

6. Group Sharing: never deal with a missing remote again! Attach the Nut Find 3 to the remote control, so that all your family members can easily find it.



  1. How far is the connecting range between the tracker and the phone?
    Usually, the connecting range is around 20-30 meters indoors and 30-50 meters outdoors in the open environment. The range will be smaller when there are many people or other blocks between the tracker and the phone. The connecting range is around 10-15 meters in a normal home and office environment.
  2. How many trackers can be paired with one phone?
    One Android phone can pair and control 4 trackers simultaneously, while one iPhone can pair and control 6 trackers simultaneously.
  3. Does my phone support Nut find 3?
    Android devices which support Bluetooth 4.0 and with Android 4.3 or above system version support the gadget. The device also works with iPhone above 4s.
  4. How long does Nut 3 battery last?
    12 months.

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