EMIE Samo Powerbank with Dock



The Samo portable charger is known for its favourable and cheerful Samoyed appearance. It is so portable that it could fit into any bag or pocket. With the customized costume designed for the Samo, it is an absolute eye-catcher for you to take out with you.


1. Unique look: A lovely Samoyed appearance power bank for you to take out with you.

2. Keep it charged: Exclusive power charging base. An easy way to feed your Samo.

3. Portable size for your pockets and bags. Best for on-the-go charging

4. High power: 5,200mAh high-quality Lithium Ion battery cells. Able to fully recharge an iPhone more than twice.

5. An innovative way to indicate the battery level with the LED Samoyed ears.

6. Fully compatible with iPhone, Samsung, One Plus and other mobile devices.

7. With 1-year warranty to replace items with issues that are not man-made.


Product Name: EMIE External Battery SAMO
Model: D100-FD
Capacity: 5,200mAh / 19.2Wh
Input: Micro USB port, DC 5V == 1.5A MAX
Output: General USB port, DC 5V == 2.1A MAX
Dimensions: 1.6 ÌÑ 1.6 ÌÑ 3.5in / 40 ÌÑ 40 ÌÑ 90mm
Weight: 0.28lb / 130g

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Category: Emie

Type: Powerbank

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