NUMS Ultra Thin Keypad for Macbook


Nums ™ is an ultra-thin number glass film that comes with an application powered by patented algorithms.

It is not just a glass protective film, but also a cool invention for MacBook. It transforms your trackpad into a number keyboard, it launches your favourite apps and websites with just a swipe, and it protects your delicate laptop trackpad from scratches and other damages.

Nums ™ was awarded Reddot Design's "Best of the Best", one of the world's most prestigious design awards.


1. Compatible with MacBook Pro 13''/15'''(pre-2016) and MacBook Air 13'; 2016/2017 New MacBook Pro 13''/15'' (USB-C / with Touchbar) and MacBook 12".

2. Typing speed is two times as fast and requires 66% fewer fingers movement than common MacBook keyboard, making it really useful and saving your time entering numbers.

3. Customized hot-keys help you free to customize each button, makes software operations 21% faster than usual.

4. Best suitable for games, software operation, excel sheet operation or any moments you need to type a lot of numbers; speed up your workflow tremendously.

5. Only 0.39mm thin does not affect your everyday use of your trackpad; its tempered glass even able to protect your touchpad from scratch.


Thickness: 0.39mm
Material Technology: Vacuum coating


Collections: All Products, New Arrivals

Type: Tempered Glass

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